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Artificial Plants, Trees, Floral & Planters by Decor

This blog post is meant as a guide to help identify potential plants, trees, planters, and floral that would complement popular design styles being used today. The table shown below has eight different design styles and the respective trees, plants, floral, and planters that would complement the design style.  Following the table is a description of the different design styles that I found using Google searches.  Feel free to share this blog with your teammates and customers.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free to contact me at  Decor: Trees Plants Floral Planters Traditional / Americana Ficus, Maple, Birch, Oak, Aspen Spathiphyllum, Dieffenbachia, Silver Queen, Birds Nest, Shefflerra Roses, Tulips, Orchids, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Pansies, Dogwood, Magnolias, Lilies, Iris, Peonies, Sunflowers, Zinnias, and Lilacs Copper, Fishbowl. urns Any traditional planter would be great but age

Using silk floral for your wedding

Pacific Silkscapes offers the highest quality silk wedding flowers.  Silk flowers are perfect for weddings or any special occasion or event. We specialize in elegant, tastefully-designed bridal bouquets. The exceptionally high quality, botanically-accurate materials we use guarantee an ultra-realistic, fresh flower look.  Pick from our list of quality wedding bouquets, boutonnieres & corsages or have a special one custom designed!  Our premium quality designs and satisfied customers are a testament to our perfectionist standards.  No more worries about wilting, watering, or drying out.  Silks today come in all varieties and in a rainbow of colors and, unlike years ago, look and feel just like fresh flowers.  New lines of flowers have been created named “Real Touch” where the petals look and feel like fresh flowers.  With the creation of such exquisite silk flowers, it is hard to tell the difference in wedding bouquets and special event creations.  And, your

Why convert from live plants to realistic faux plants

More and more building owners and casinos are converting from live plants to silk plants to reduce ongoing maintenance fees.   They are not only are they saving money , but the silk plants are attractive and realistic. The benefits of converting from a live plant service to silk plants include: 1. Labor costs are increasing especially in California. Labor rates and business rent are the drivers. Ongoing maintenance of commercial interior environments is labor-intensive. Thus, maintenance rates are increasing and will continue for the foreseeable future. 2. The quality of artificial plants, trees, and silk floral is improving. Manufacturers of artificial plants are introducing "soft touch", "natural stem" and others that look so real you won't believe they are artificial from a short distance. 3. The return on investment is typically one to two years. For more information:    

How artificial floral evolved to “Real Touch” Floral

Artificial flowers are popular today and make up a large international market. They are commonly used as interior decorating items in residential, commercial, hospitality suites, casino resorts, and model homes. However, many people perceive artificial flowers as low quality and cheap because they do not look and feel natural. This was once true because artificial flowers were generally produced with plastic or silk materials. They didn’t display vivid colors and didn’t have the same soft moisture feel like a real flower. But these perceptions are changing because today’s technology has made it possible to have high-quality artificial flowers that are very close looking to live flowers and plants.  Many manufacturing processes were invented back in the 1950s to better structure artificial flowers using a combination of metal and plastic. In the early 1980s, a few companies started to use a plastic stem molded around a reinforcing wire. Petals were made of silk and mounted on the te

Using Flowering Artificial Trees in Business

Does your lobby, atrium or hospitality suite need some spark and excitement? Do you need a refresh and wanted a little color? Charm your clients with a new Pacific Silkscapes landscape using realistic flowering artificial trees. Make your clients feel welcome with an inviting lobby or suite. The first impression of a well-landscaped lobby area or hospitality suite is a symbol that you have high standards and this quality will be sure to impress. Imagine a picturesque view with flowering silk Hibiscus, Azalea, Wisteria, Magnolia, Mimosa, Bougainvillea, and Cherry Blossom trees that greet your potential business customers.  While real trees and plants offer beauty, they can be difficult to maintain indoors because of poor light, temperature fluctuations and can create a high maintenance mess as the blooms of plants fall and ongoing watering. Benefits include: Artificial trees do not pose a risk of triggering allergies A one-time investment is associated with fake

TIPS for decorating a model home

Here are some tips when selecting artificial plants for a model home: 1. Make sure every room has a visual exclamation point. 2. Use planters and bowls that contrast with the wall color to make interior spaces come to life. 3. Use fewer, larger trailings, succulent bowls, and floral arrangements for a less-cluttered look. 4. Select the correct size tree. Use narrow trees in tight corner spaces and taller trees when you have tall ceilings with arches. 5. Use a variety of trees and include sculptural trees with large leaves where needed. 6. Use trailing plants to soften a contemporary room. 7. Use large ceramic planters or high-end baskets for dining rooms, great rooms, and living rooms. Consider textured painted planters that match the décor of the model. 8. Use a large dramatic floral arrangement for the dining room using high-end soft-touch floral.   Check out Pacific Silkscapes model home page:

How to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants and silk leaves can be cleaned with a mild detergent diluted 2 to 1 with water after dusting using a standard feather duster. For larger floral arrangements you should wipe down the arrangement flower by flower and then rinse it carefully using plain water, to restore the original look of the design. Design Masters’ aerosol silk flower cleaner is a preferred cleaner that we use at Pacific Silkscapes. For larger outdoor plants and trees you can take them outside and spray a mist of water on them and shake to dry. Let them dry naturally in the sun for 30 minutes. After cleaning you may want to check for any loose leaves and stems and repair using hot glue. At Pacific Silkscapes we can clean and recondition your plants in most cases. We also replace old moss and repaint planters and baskets to give them a new look.

A designer resource for selecting artificial plants and trees

Please use this tool to select the perfect artificial plant, artificial tree & planter; with interior designer tips & ideas.  I include a section to help you find different kinds of artificial trees, including alternative branches or stems.  There's a section showing all kinds of indoor and outdoor planters.   If you are involved with commercial projects, I have a link to our fire retardant license and reasons for converting from live to silk.  For our interior designers, you can find a table showing trees that you can use for different decor types, tips for model homes, design trends and different kinds of silk flowers. I include links to common decor sites and finally some cool YouTube videos.    Feel free to forward this to your co-workers or anyone that might need some ideas on selecting artificial plants and trees.  Send any suggestions for improvements or changes to You an find this tool at:   https://

Advantages of artificial plants

1.     Low Maintenance Artificial plants require no sunlight, watering, pruning, and addition of fertilizers.  You can dust them every 3 to 4 months and they last for many years.  The faux plants that Pacific Silkscapes provides are extremely easy to maintain and look after. While real plants need regular sunlight to grow in a healthy manner, artificial plants do not require regular exposure to sunlight. No need for fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides.  You won't have root rot or growth problems.  There is no need for soil.  You won't require interior sunlight or temperature control.  They do not shed their leaves seasonally.  No more worrying about water and chemical damage to your carpet.  2.     Security If your building is a bank or government facility, you don't need to have someone coming into the water and maintain the plants. 3.     Bring the outdoors inside High quality realistic artificial plants and trees add "life" to a room. They have a ca